Playing hooky

I took a field trip to the upholstery shop to see Sean and his progress today. It is looking fantastic. He even had me bring the seats home and check fit again in the airplane. I’m not going to share the photos until it’s completely done, but you will love it.

Today was a beautiful day here, especially for November in Minnesota. After my field trip my buddy Sam called and asked if I wanted to go flying in the Cub. Who am I to say anything but yes. In fact I got Bob’s RV7A out and flew to Airlake to go fly the cub. Even gave Sam a ride in the RV after our cub flight. It was his first flight in an RV. Oh and after returning to KSGS, I gave Kevin an airplane ride. Four flights today, how lucky am I?!?

Note to self. Fly small airplanes more often. It is pure simple fun. Plus, I’m tailwheel current again, and suddenly all is right with the world!

These shenanigans and malarkey took most of the day, but that’s ok. The joy of flying fun days, after all, is the reason I’m building. Even so I did get an hour in the Garaggio and started on making cardboard templates for the aft baffle on the engine. Not much to report on that. Look at a bunch of people’s photos of their baffles and start copying.

Hope to get more done tomorrow… Or maybe go flying. Who knows. It’s all fun.

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