Road Trip

Greg and I measured all of the strings representing wiring paths this morning and took notes. Then took the instrument panel and avionics shelf out of the airplane and gathered all of the components we needed to take to SteinAir for our 1:00 meeting.

We met up with Jon and basically the rest of gang at Stein. It was a good thing we scheduled the meeting. We had an opportunity to talk through a lot of things. Some of which I hadn’t thought about. In fact, I had forgotten about 2 avionics boxes that needed a place to be mounted. Between Jon, Dan, Greg, and I we worked through multiple iterations of locations for the components. All of the what if, why not this, how about that, and did you think about this conversations took place. Everything from installation, to wiring paths, to servicing, to future changes were discussed.

In the end, we settled on the same configuration that I had initially planned for the avionics shelf. Turns out, it was the best way to organize everything. The two boxes I forgot, the GEA 29 (AIRINC module) and the GDL39R (ADSB), are going to get mounted in the nose adjacent to the IBBS (Integrated back up battery system). Here is Jon with the panel and the two boxes I forgot, in approximately their location relative to the panel. The second photo is the location for these components in the airplane, verified for space.



All in all, we spent about an hour and a half discussing and planning everything. I am sure there will be more questions, changes, and things to ponder. But we will have plenty of time to work through that, they said it will be about four weeks total to wire everything up. Good stuff.

When Greg and I got back to the shop we had some time so we did a bit more on the engine baffling. We basically finished the first round of templates for the aft baffle. It is a flimsy array of scraps of thin card stock taped together to get close to the contour required. This was then transferred to foam core board. The foam core will be more rigid and allow me to be sure the baffle template is all in one plane. I got the foam core cut out, but haven’t fit it in place yet. More baffling baffle work to come.





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