Filing and fitting

Only a short visit home this week. Between getting some rest and other things going on, it wasn’t very productive. Which is frustrating, but to be expected. It’s back to work tomorrow.

I did some more grinding and filing on baffle pieces. I’m getting to the point where I don’t have many excuses left to put off the next step on the baffles. Have I mentioned that aluminum and I are mere acquaintances and we haven’t really hit it off yet? I’m kinda trying to court the aluminum and build our relationship a bit more (hours with files, emery paper, and scotch brite) before I take our relationship to that next level… Bending. Exciting and frightening at the same time. 🙂

Today Sean also came over to check the fit on the last part of the seat that needed tweaking. I am happy to say that the upholstery turned out stunning. I am very happy with it. Since the seats all fit he also cut a piece of carpet for the rear seat. He is going to bind the edges and then the upholstery is nearly complete. I still need to get him some pieces for arm rests, stick boots, and head rests. And those will come soon, but for now his work is done.




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