Work Party Day 1; Christmas gifts a few days late

It’s vacation time for me which means much needed time away from the day job, and much needed time to work on the Ez. I am very fortunate and have some people lined up to help me make some progress and find my momentum again.

Sam and Dawn Weigel were both part of that today. They came with me to SteinAir this morning to see my panel all powered up, and being my Christmas presents home.

We spent some time working with Jon and Christer and I’ll admit, just playing with the panel. It was fun and I can’t wait to fly behind this panel.

When we got it home, Sam, Dawn, and I got to work putting the panel back in as well as mocking up the avionics shelf. In order to do this we removed the seats and consoles. As well as re installed some control system pieces and the pitch trim. This way we can be sure that we don’t have any interference.


Then we started fishing the harnesses through the airplane along their respective routes. We fastened the harnesses into place temporarily using zip ties and tape. The harness paths were already somewhat determined by the measurements and directions I gave to Stein, but there was still a bit of flexibility so fixing the wire bundles in place is helpful.


The work the folks at Stein do is fantastic. I am very happy and know it was totally worth the money. That would probably still be true at triple the cost, but don’t tell them that. Even so, there still was some hunting down of what certain wires were for by doing continuity checks. The wires are mostly labeled, but some you have to refer to the drawing and check pin locations. We labeled these ones ourselves with some masking tape and notes. I’m sure there will be more of this to come as well.

There is still a lot of fishing wiring harnesses to do before we are back to the operational state it was in this morning before I took delivery. Another power up won’t happen until each of the components and harnesses are mounted and secured. Progress on that will continue over the next week. In addition we will be wiring and integrating some of the other electronics that Stein didn’t wire such as stick grip functions, speed brake, and engine sensors.

Weasel arrived tonight and is going to be helping with this process over the next two days. While I was giving him the tour and laying out our plan for tomorrow, I had to see what the panel looked like with the screens… In the airplane. I couldn’t help myself.


Stay tuned for a good stretch of trying to make some progress.

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