Work Party Day 2; Weasels Radio Rack

I was too tired to post last night and we have too much for me to pound out a thorough blog post on what Weasel and I got done yesterday. Basically we checked for interference between the wiring harness and the canard torque tubes. There was some, not bad though. So we planned how to slightly move the wire routing to get more clearance. In the process of doing his we got some major work done on the avionics shelf and radio rack for on be shelf. It was lots of cutting, deburring, drilling, and bending aluminum. I broke down and went to Harbor Freight and got a bending brake. I’m glad I did. And I’m sure it saved a lot of time over bending with wood blocks. It also allowed us to do some test pieces to get the bends right. More to do on that today. Being able to rigidly hold things in place will help tremendously when it comes to finalizing the wire routing.







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