Work Party Day 3; more avionics mounting, bye weasel

Happy new year everyone. I hope that the new year brings you every blessing. 2014 was good for me, but I feel like 2015 is going to be a great one.

Weasel had half the day to spend in the shop with me before he had to go home. We got a bit more progress done on the avionics shelf. The VPX/GTR20/GTX23 stack is just about mounted to the plywood. It is clecoed in place, we just need to bond in some click bond fasteners.

Once we had the stack mounted to the shelf, we then installed everything in the airplane to verify clearances and see if the wiring harnesses will work with our modified plans. This is about where weasel had to start the drive home. Thanks a ton weasel for the help and input. Additionally, I always tend to get more done when people are here to keep me motivated.

After he was on his way, I spent a little time in analysis paralysis. It was short lived and I got on to adding the GTN 650 supports for the forward (connector) end of the tray. I made little sheet metal angle brackets, match drilled, added nut plates, and secured them to the plywood shelf.


They are countersunk on the top of the plywood to allow the stack to fit flush. By adding these brackets, I not only added support for the 650, but I also have permanently set the location of the plywood relative to the panel.

We are making progress mounting these components. A few more details on the shelf, then we can work on locating it to the fuselage sidewalls. The next work party participant, Dick Keyt, and I will keep this moving forward amongst others. I can feel some momentum building. Come on 2015!

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