Work Party Day 4; mounting electrical components, welcome dick

Today was a solo work party for the time in the shop. I kept going with the avionics shelf. I started by getting everything back into place and verifying that everything still had proper fit clearance. I set the canard into place and also verified that we have clearance on the elevator torque tube. I’m pleased to say we have plenty. I forgot to get photos of that.

Then with the canard in place, I double checked positioning of the autopilot pitch servo. With this verified, I cut a hole in the shelf to create space for the servo. It will be mounted to the fuselage sidewall, and have to protrude both above and below the shelf.

When I was working on that, I became concerned that the autopilot and audio panel may conflict. So I mounted the audio panel in the instrument panel. They both fit with adequate clearance, but there isn’t any excess.

The rest of the work time was spent with reconnecting wiring harnesses to verify routing, ensure that I have adequate fit, clearance, and ability to install and remove connectors. As well as cleaning up a bit.

I finished in the shop early since our next guest in the work party arrived. Dick Keyt flew non-stop from New York City to South St. Paul in his Bonanza bucking 60 knot winds the whole way. He had his dog, Wingman, to keep him company, but 7 hours in an airplane is a long time. I’m looking forward to his help, wisdom, and instruction. We’re going to work on baffles tomorrow. Hopefully we get the aft baffle done.

The work party is in full swing, and we are having fun.

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