Work Party Day 5; Baffles and Brackets

Today Dick and I spent a considerable amount of time discussing the plans for engine and oil cooling as well as a few other projects including the engine mount repair. As part of this, we decided to change our plan slightly on the baffles. We are going to make the aft baffle in 3 pieces instead of two. It will become more apparent as the parts are made.

Once we had our plan set, Dick made form blocks to do the first bends for the aft baffle.

The bends went well. Tomorrow we will see how accurate they are when we make the next bend, or cut off the excess material due to our new plan.

While Dick was working on that I was working on the exhaust pipe support brackets. I started with stainless steel tube and removed a section to allow them to slip over the exhaust pipes without disturbing their position.

These tubes will make a figure 8 around the exhaust pipes and bolt to the aft baffle.

Tomorrow we will continue with baffling work.

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