Work Party Day 6; Bend, fit, and trim

More progress in the Garaggio. I think today was the most productive of the work party days thus far. We spent the majority of the day on the aft baffles, but when I had time I did make some progress on nut plate mounting rings for some of the avionics components.

These rings will hold nut plates and then be bonded into the the side of the nose. Thus will give a light weight and easy way to mount components.

Ok. Onto the baffles. We did the next bend in the aft left baffle. And low and behold it fits pretty well. There is one area around the case near the crank shaft that we will have to close off. But over all the baffle fits well.

We were also able to cut a very accurate hole for the alternator and alternator mounting bolt. With the baffle in place, we marked and trimmed the bottom of the baffle to the exact fit and gap we need to the cowl.

The process was repeated on the right side. This involved multiple bends over wood blocks. Then trimming around the starter. Again it turned out pretty well except around the crank case nose. I have a plan for that. Stay tuned.

We also need to close up the gap around the larger diameter of the starter casting. We will probably just rivet a doubler around that area to provide for a better seal.

In addition to all of that, Dick got the exhaust mount brackets tacked and welded together.

I think they look pretty nice. Most importantly they will hold the exhaust pipes in place and yet allow for relative motion between the pipes, cylinders, and cowl to prevent cracking.

Dick does fantastic welding. Next we will add a plate of sheet stainless to create a flange to mount the bracket to the baffles.

Hopefully tomorrow we will get more done on the baffles. Additionally I hope to get a few more of the avionics mounts done.

2 thoughts on “Work Party Day 6; Bend, fit, and trim

  1. Hi Joe, Nice Welding. Did you, or would you consider ceramic coating those pipes inside and out ? Mine are 21 years old, keeps rust off, heat in. If you do, do all your welding first b4 coating.

    1. I haven’t considered ceramic coating. It’s an interesting thought. Though I think I am more focused on getting flying and would consider that as I see how the exhaust system performs and ages.

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