Work Party Day 8; Dog Tired

Wingman and Dudley had a long day today, spending a considerable amount of time in the workshop. They are dog tired and sleeping it off in my lap.

As for EZ progress, Jon was able to join Dick and I in the shop. Jon and Dick continued the progress on the baffles. They got further trimming done as well as getting the aft left side baffle bent to final shape.

Jon made a stiffener and attach bracket for the aft right side and located holes for screws to attach it.

While they were working on that, I cleaned up the layups from yesterday and final mounted the boxes in the nose of the airplane. Then turned focus to the autopilot pitch servo. I located and bonded in Ez point nuts to mount the servo. It was located to point the servo arm directly at the elevator bellcrank with the servo up as high as possible to keep it clear of other components.

Additionally I worked more on the avionics shelf. I got studs mounted to secure the avionics stack. In order to put the studs in place I needed to counterbore the bottom of the shelf. But I don’t have a counterbore.

I didn’t have my patient pants on today to wait for a tool order to come in so I improvised. I located the shelf in the drill press using a drill and then clamped the shelf in place. Then used a router bit in the drill press to counterbore down to a depth using the depth gage. It works surprisingly well, and best of all, I didn’t have to wait. 🙂

I also added nutplates that secure the ADHRS. No big deal there. Oh, and we did a layup on the top side. Don’t worry Weasel, you mark is still visible.

Lots getting done. It feels good and I feel some momentum. See ya tomorrow.


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