Garaggio Social

Today was a fun day in the Garaggio. I had two visitor helpers. Dru Dunwoody and Craig Henry both came over. Dru is a local who consistently shows interest in my project. Craig flew his Twin Comanche from Milwaukee. I really enjoy having people in the shop. I didn’t get a photo of Dru, but I did of Craig.

My very first exposure to working on and building airplanes was in Dick Keyt’s workshop in Texas. His shop is a venerable social club. There are always visitors coming to see what is going on and seeking advice or tools for their own projects. I am realizing that while I sometimes enjoy having time to myself in my shop, I really enjoy spending shop time with others who share the same interests. It’s fun, and I know Dru learned a few things today, and I picked up some good ideas from him too. Anyway.

We got the magnetometer mount layup cleaned up. Then mounted the magnetometer in our fiberglass part with nutplates. Dru and I then measured and marked the proper location and alignment of our assembly. It is important to ensure that the magnetometer is pointed forward and along the longitudinal axis of the airplane. Once this was verified we floxed the mount in. There will be a false wall in front of this to hide it. Only one more major avionics piece to be mounted. 🙂

Craig landed from Milwaukee about lunch time so we picked him up and ate. Then got back to the workshop and Craig and I started working on organizing wiring and terminating wires. Craig crimped on terminals on the 2AWG wires for the starter/alternator positive and ground wires. Then hooked them up at the battery end.

While he was doing that, I was organizing wire bundles and adding zip tie anchor points to tie down the wiring harnesses. I JB Welded them into the sidewalls of the airplane from the nose to the front seat back. I’ll start fastening the wire bundles in sequence and as I work away from the avionics shelf and battery, add more anchor points to keep the wires corralled. Hopefully I can make it look organized and nice.


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