Solo cleanup

My day, well after finishing the last blog post, started by me thinking I should clean up the mess in the shop. I had every intention of getting things back into order. But after a few minutes of putting tools away and cleaning up a gazillion zip tie cut offs, I wavered and went back to making progress on the airplane.

I started by finishing securing the main power wires down the left side of the airplane. Then added more zip tie anchors for the landing gear harness. I figured it would be good to get those curing so I can get it secured.

Once they were curing I took out the instrument panel so I could cut away a small area of the avionics shelf. I needed to make a relief for the gear switches and to allow wires to get from the top of the shelf to the bottom.

Then the only thing left was to rivet nutplates onto the landing gear switch chassis and I was in business. Here is what it looks like.

The mini locking toggle is the emergency gear extension, and the one that looks like a wheel, well that is the normal gear actuation.

After all of that I measured the appropriate length of wire for the front stick switch functions and cut the wire. I removed the stick to gain access to the sidewalk adjacent the stick bottom. I had to create a relief here to allow full motion of the stick. I did this 2 or 3 years ago, but never did the fiberglass repair. So I cleaned up the are and laid up the fiberglass.


Lastly, I floxed in the ELT mounting bracket in the left strake and the back up battery for the Landing gear in the nose.


Full day in the shop. It’s out of town for me for the next few days. Can’t wait to get back and get more systems installed and operational.

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