Surprise Victory

Last week I was disappointed that the oil cooler exit duct didn’t fit. I spent some time while I was on the road for work thinking about it. I realized that I only installed the oil cooler with one of the two mounting brackets and the oil cooler could be out of position.

When I got home today I investigated. Lo and behold, the oil cooler was out of position. Additionally the oversized flange that I hadn’t yet cut down on the duct was holding it out of position. So I mounted the second oil cooler mounting bracket. Then, after some trimming and fitting, the duct fits, more or less as planned. The flange on the bottom is narrower than intended, but still certainly adequate. Surprise victory. Here you can see where I made clearance and how it fits.



I also used the stud remover that I borrowed from Dick to take out the double ended fuel injection mounting studs on the bottom of the oil pan. The stud remover tool works so slickly, I will never use the double nut method again.

I measured the length of stud required to accommodate my spacer and elbow installation. It is longer than any double ended studs available, so I am using a stainless steel all-thread and cutting it to length. I did one as a test piece to ensure my measurement was correct, and it is. So I will make 3 more tomorrow and get the fuel injection servo mounted.

Not bad for my limited 2 hours in the shop.

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