I finished fabricating the mounting studs and installed them today. This allowed me to mount the fuel injection servo on the spacers and elbow that Airflow Performance made for me. I just need to get some lock washers and locknuts to finish the mounting. Maybe soon I can fabricate some hoses and do some plumbing. šŸ™‚

During the day, Eric was able to come over for a few hours. He worked on some wiring. He got the powerpole connectors on the pitch trim motor and connected the reversing relay.

Then he started wiring up the stick functions. This included starting to wire up the “panel connectors” that will mount in the airframe. They are the other half of the connectors that were put on the sticks. He is working on both front and rear.

Part of this process is wiring in a locking toggle switch that allows me to turn off the rear seat functions on the stick. This prevents potential electrical issues if both the front and rear seat are simultaneously commanding the trim or speed brake. It also can be used to prevent the rear seater from manipulating those items.

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