Working in the hell hole

Is not particularly fun. I do have access to this area from the bottom of the airplane due to my removable induction inlet. Even so, it is working overhead. So sanding the bottom of the spar, for instance, the dust falls on your safety glasses. Your also fighting gravity. But I was able to get the autopilot roll servo mount bonded in. It is located on the bottom of the spar. It was a pain to get BID tapes laid up in there, against gravity and in confined spaces. But I’m happy with it.

In this photo you can see the mount, held in place with a “deadman.” You can also see a piece of square aluminum tube that I used to align the mount. This tube represents the plane of the autopilot servo bellcrank. As such, I could align the aileron torque tube bellcrank with the square tube. This way the pushrod connecting the two bellcranks will be aligned perfectly and doesn’t have to twist to actuate.

Since I had epoxy and Flox mixed up, I also put the 2 BID layup over one set of the rudder pulley click bond studs to lock them in place.

I also got the back up battery, IBBS, mounted to the nose gear actuator cover. It was a simple job of installing nutplates. While I was up there, I also terminated the 6 AWG wire that goes from the master solenoid to the Vertical Power VPX.


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