Serial number mismatch

If you have been following the blog for any length of time, you know that my airplane is registered as serial number 3. It is number three because I figure I have built enough parts for three airplanes. Catch is number one and two are both unairworthy because the parts didn’t turn out acceptably. So why in the heck did I make three aileron trim motor mounts today and none of them worked out? We are going to have a serial number mismatch. We can’t have parts with serial number 4 or 7 or 29.

I’m making this trim motor mount out of stainless since it will be on the spar in the engine compartment. It looks simple. But it’s a relatively complex shape. First, one the bends didn’t turn out right. Nothing was even close to square. I think it slipped when I was bending it. Second one, I changed the design to make the bends easier. It ended up being more difficult. The third one I decided to do in two pieces and weld them together. My welding sucked and I blew holes in the material. I guess there is always tomorrow.




On a positive note, I demolded the panel connector mount and cleaned it up. Then it was drilled and nut plates were added. Finally, they got mounted in their new home. The process worked well and I’m happy with the results.



I also got the secondary layup done on the aft right baffle top radius. I think it cleaned up nicely.

Greg was also here today and worked on the cooling air inlets. The expanding angle in the inlet was too steep and has to be reduced. To do this Greg sanded everything and made a dam to use pour foam.

We have the shape nearly contoured. A little more sanding and it will be ready for a layup. I will have to post a photo of that tomorrow.

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