Clock troubles

I am convinced that the little man who runs the hour hand in my clock gets some perverse satisfaction out of turning time at Mach two. The hours seem to slip away all too fast when I’m spending time in the Garaggio. Someone tell him that doing his job at published speeds would be appreciated.

Eric was back in the shop today with me and we started by making plans and discussing the next phases of wiring. Specifically we talked about things like connectors we will need and and resistors that need to be put into led lighting circuits.

We then started by installing and routing the first of the wiring harnesses that plug into the GEA24. This harness connects to airframe sensors such as fuel quantity probes, gear indicators, landing brake position sensors and things like that. This involved some time working in the hell hole. If you look closely, I’m in there.

After wires were routed, we went after the only low hanging fruit. That was the voltage sensing wire which we were able to terminate on the firewall connection for the wire that runs the positive battery connection to the starter and alternator.

Then we turned our attention to the fuel quantity probes. Eric spent some time running wires to supply power and ground to the fuel sending units. We need some connectors for these, so we didn’t get the wires terminated, but the wires are ran, and in place. We temporarily hooked them up and verified that the fuel gauges are getting a voltage signal. They still have red x’s on the fuel gage because they are not calibrated. But a voltage signal is a good sign.

In between helping Eric with these wiring tasks I spent some time on serial numbers 4 and 5 of the aileron trim motor mount. Eric had a lead on a foot sheet metal shear and a finger brake. So we ran to the airport to see if we could use the tools. Unfortunately, the trip proved unfruitful, which is a shame. Those tools are the right tools for the job. Instead we ended up redesigning the mount.

By this time the little man had wound the hour hand sufficiently far that it was nearing quitting time for the day. But I did rough it out the new stainless steel blank for the mount. Hopefully tomorrow I can get the blank cleaned up and bent.

My goal for this block of days working on the airplane was to get the firewall installed. This requires the aileron trim motor mount to be finished among a few other things. Unfortunately my arch nemesis, the little man in the clock, has foiled my goals. But “make not mistake” little man, (I know, that phrase is like nails on a chalkboard) we will meet again.

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