The trio is rolling

Had both Greg and Jon in the workshop today, and we had a great day. We were able to get a few things done. First off, yesterday, I was playing hooky form the Garaggio.  It was a recharging kind of day. Brewing beer in the morning and going for an airplane ride in the afternoon. I am lucky enough to have a friend that lets me take his RV-7A out from time to time. So I did.

IMG_2861In the evening I did get the required hour in the workshop. I am happy to report that serial number 5 of the aileron trim mounting bracket turned out well. The redesign made the part simpler to make with the tools I have available. The original design would have worked well if I had access to a finger brake, but this one works too.


Then today Jon started by working on a shelf to mount the GPS antenna. We are mounting them, all 3 of them, on the inside top of the fuselage just forward of the canard and aft of the nose access hatch. The flanges on this shelf will be bonded to the “ceiling” in that position. Then the antennas will be mounted in place and the coax wires routed appropriately. The mould is a simple cardboard box that Jon cut the side off and jigged the top flanges into place. He then put a layer of tape on it to create a mold release.

IMG_2868While he was working on that, Greg and I were working on the cooling air inlet ducts. They have been reshaped to provide for attached flow and expand the air by two times before it is dumped into the cowl for cooling the engine. We had to add a bit more pour foam and then finalize the shape. After that Jon and I did a simple two ply layup. I say simple, but working in those small areas required some patience as well as pre-wetting out the cloth on plastic at the workbench. After that it was pretty easy to stick it into position.



Somewhere along the way, the three of us each worked on a mount for the electrical relays. We were able to get a bracket made to fit in the little space left on the avionics shelf. It is a simple piece of sheet metal that we secure all four relays to, and then use 2 click bond studs to secure the mount to the shelf. The click bond studs are curing now. Having these mounted will allow us to route their respective wires to clean up the wire bundles in that area. If you look really close, you can see where it mounts amongst the mess of wires.



Lastly, somewhere in there, Jon located the proper place for the aileron trim mounting bracket on the back of the main spar. Then prepped the area and some click bond studs. The click bond studs are bonded in place with flox and a layer of BID will be put on top of that.


It was a very productive day. Unfortunately, I have to go back to work tomorrow. Next time around, hopefully we get all the things done that we need to do in order to put the firewall on permanently. Once that is done, we can get the engine on and start working on hooking engine systems up to the airframe as well as wiring engine components.

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