Surprisingly Well

It took a surprisingly long time to release the baffles from the cylinder molds. It took a combination of wedges, shims, Popsicle sticks, compressed air, and persuasion (mallet) to get them to release. Even so it wouldn’t completely release. I had to cut off the inboard portion of the baffle where the cylinder hold down bolts are to get them off. 

Even with all this difficulty, the parts turned out surprisingly well. I will need to do a secondary layup on them, but I’m convinced they will work. Here they are trimmed up and set in place. 



You can see on the inboard sides where I had to cut off the inboard 1.5 inches to get them to release from the engine. So now I need to fill that area. So I made a cardboard template and started working with aluminum, begrudgingly. 


I bent one of these up and put it into place to see how it would work. I had to modify a few dimensions and then bent serial number three. There are some gaps. But I think they will work. The gaps can be filled with high temperature RTV caulk. I think this will make for a good intercylinder baffle and after RTVed seal well. 



Doesn’t seem like a lot for the day, but baffle work is time consuming and draining. Good news is we are making forward progress. 

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