More of the same

Not really a lot new for today’s workshop session. I worked on more of the same. In between tasks I tried to put some tools away and clean up a bit. 

Here is the other side of the intercylinder baffles. The aluminum pieces are done for both sides. Next will be drilling holes to fasten them in place. I will also need to do the secondary layups to extend the outboard end of the fiberglass piece vertically downward to seal off the remaining cylinder cooling fins. 


Then I did a couple small layups to finish the installation of the Clickbond studs. This was just 2 ply BID to lock the studs into place. These are for the rudder pulley mount and aileron trim mount.  


Lastly, I finished trimming the bottom of the aft aluminum baffles to all for the oil cooler exit. While I was at it, I also trimmed the flange on the oil cooler exit duct for clearance on the cowl. Next is to add baffle seal on the oil cooler exit, but I want to verify fit with the cowl first. 


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