The other half is insisting on a vacation, and who am I to object? So I won’t be back in the Garaggio for a little while. Today was filled with preparations to be gone for 2 weeks. So I didn’t get what I wanted to done, but we had a very productive week. So I’m ok with that. 

In between errands, laundry, and such I did get the engine pinned in place so we can work on more wiring and things like throttle and mixture cables. 


Then I located holes for the throttle and mixture cables to pass through the firewall. I drilled a small pilot hole for these and passed a rudder cable through them to allow me to measure the length of cable required. Then James saved the day and reminded me not to secure the cable housing to the firewall. If you do that, any bump or vibration of the engine can change your power and mixture setting. So I have to rethink my plan. I think the holes are still useable, and if not they are small and can be repaired or used for something else. The plan was to measure and order cables today so they were here when I got back, but I figure I better take my time to plan better. 


So I switched gears. My latest revision of the instrument panel arrived yesterday. Unfortunately, it was broken in shipment. Luckily, the structure on the forward side of the panel holds it together enough to be able to see what we need to see. So I took out the previous revision and installed the latest. 

I am happy to report it fits very well. We added holes for the audio panel and ELT, and those are spot on. In the final panel, we need to remove 2 holes, which I forgot to tell John this last time. I also need to make a decision about a small interference between a dimmer and the mounting structure for the GTN 650. Then we can make the final panel. I am so glad I am having the panel CNC cut. I can’t imagine what imperfections I would have had to accept if I did it by hand. 


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