Cable routing redoux 

A few days ago Greg and I intended to measure the length of cable required for the throttle and mixture. We started running into troubles due to cowl interference. So we started brainstorming alternatives, again. Finally we determined that both control arms had to be on the right side of the fuel injection servo and the cables had to come from the left lower firewall and route around the oil cooler. 

We started by making a paper template of the cable mounting bracket. Originally it was just going to be a plate attached to the oil cooler. However, since this is going to hold both cables, it has to be pretty tall. So to prevent movement from vibration, we are adding a strap to one of the injection servo mounting studs. 


Making those pieces is pretty self explainatory. However, it should be noted that it took me more than my usual 3 attempts to get the right bend in the support strap and have the lengths come out correctly. But eventually, it turned out as desired. 


I used the rudder cables to trace out the routing for the cables and then measured them. As you can see we are routing them aft of the oil cooler to give nice large radius for the cable bend. Hopefully this will give a nice smooth throttle action. 



I now can order the throttle and mixture cable, and finish the bracketry once I have the cables in hand. 

2 thoughts on “Cable routing redoux 

    1. Your not the only one. That’s why my airplane is registered as serial number 3…. I figure I’ve built 3 of them so far. Pity the first two aren’t airworthy.

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