Whittling away

Today was a day for whittling away at tasks to try to reverse the ‘one step forward, two steps back’ trend we have had lately. 

Greg got a lot of work done on the new mount for the throttle and mixture cable. The goal was to transfer the stress of mounting the cables to a more robust structure. Originally, they were mounted to the bottom flange of the oil cooler. This new mount ‘picture frames’ the oil cooler. At the top, the frame is mounted to an extruded aluminum angle, which also happens to mount the oil cooler. At the bottom the frame is stabilized by fastening it to the oil cooler flange. Essentially what this does is transfer the majority of the stress from the cable mount to the aluminum angle and not the oil cooler itself. Note that on phot right, there are two additional holes to support the cables as the route back towards the firewall. This photo shows the assembly from the forward side. 


While Greg was working on that, I removed the fuel injection servo and spacers. In between each component I added gaskets with gasket sealant. Then reassembled. 

Once that was done, I clocked the fittings on the fuel pump to be in the desired orientation. One of these is the fittings is for a line to the fuel pressure transducer. So I made up this line, fire sleeved, and installed it.  


Then I went after the oil pressure transducer lines. I used one of the oil gallery ports above the left ignition. The fitting that goes in here is special in that it is a restrictor fitting. This is used so that if there is a break in that line, the amount of oil loss is minimized. Basically the fitting is blocked off to a #40 hole. Once that fitting was installed, it was a simple task of making up another line. It needs fire sleeve yet, but the routing works nicely. The first photo is dark, but you can see the restrictor fitting installed. In the second photo, you can also see that I installed the tach drive cap. 



Doesn’t seem like a lot for a full day, but some of this requires a lot of fiddling. But the good news is today was all forward progress. At least as far as I know for today. 


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