Yesterday: Fiddling

I forgot to post a blog yesterday. But, there wasn’t much in the way of progress to report. It was one of those “fiddle fart” around days that didn’t seem to get much completed, even though Greg and I spent the majority of the day in the shop.

My major accomplishment for the day was getting the induction elbow drilled and taped for the manifold pressure port. This fitting will get connected to both the transducer that will display manifold pressure on the G3X, and then the line also gets t-ed off to each of the P-Mags. The ignition requires a manifold pressure input to vary the timing. Without this input, they work like regular magnetos. It took longer to do this than it should have because I had to disassemble the whole induction system.



Then Greg worked on getting a throttle and mixture cable mount put together for the cockpit side of the cables. We went back and forth on how to accomplish this because there is a lot of stuff running through that area. In the end, we decided on glassing a phenolic bulkhead to the sidewall of the fuselage. Greg had enough time to make a template, and cut the bulkhead out of a sheet of phenolic. Then fit it to the fuselage.


We also spent a bit of time further discussing hose routing in the engine compartment. We were able to get one more hose made up. This is the hose that goes from the fuel injection servo to the distribution block and also has the fuel flow transducer mounted in line. Here you can see the first half of the hose where it connects to the “little red cube” flow transducer. This is the approximate position of the transducer, except it will be closer to the grey induction tubes, once the hoses are restrained in place with clamps.


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