Pipe Clearance

The cowl layup I did yesterday was cured so it is time to hack away at some more carbon and foam. In this photo you can see we are adding a fair amount of volume to the interior of the exhaust tunnels.


Of course, a safety selfie for mom’s benefit…


A mixture of a fein saw, Dremel drum sander, and my Festool random orbital palm sander did the trick for the most part. A little bit of hand sanding was necessary to get into the nooks and crannies and all of the excess material is gone and we are ready for a layup. I checked clearances by putting the cowl in place. Pipe clearances look good and we should have more than enough clearance now to prevent scorching paint.




Then it is just a matter of 2 more plies carbon and the repair is structurally done. A little filler and finishing work and we are done.  Dudley supervised, and didn’t have much to say about the process.


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