Brakes, Baffles, and Wipe

Today Greg came over and he spent a lot of time working on baffles. I helped here and there in between different things. I think we can say that we have the lion’s share done on the metal pieces. All sections seem to be fitting well now and most anchor points are reinforced and mounted to the engine. All the little brackets and standoffs are in place. We still need to finish attaching the fiberglass pieces that go over the top of the aft cylinders and the inter cylinder baffles. Maybe in the near future we will move on to baffle seal.

IMG_3347 2

IMG_3348 2

In between assisting on the baffles, I got an epoxy wipe on the cowl repair. I can contour sand this again tomorrow and then next week I can prime.

IMG_3346 2

I also got the braided steel over teflon brake lines between the fuselage hard lines and brake calipers made up and installed. The only thing left to do to complete the brake system is to put in a nyloseal line between the master cylinders and the fuselage hard line. The nyloseal should be here end of the week along with some hydraulic fluid. I will wait to fill and bleed until I have the rudder actuation and rigging finished as well as a brake heat shield. One end of this line is connected in the hell hole, and we may also have to undo these lines as we are cleaning up wiring, so another reason to wait.

IMG_3344 2

IMG_3345 2

In addition, I got a few other small tasks done today. I got a reinforcement on the oil temperature probe wires. James Redmon told me that those wires fatigue easily, and so I added Shoe Goo to them to prevent them from excess ware. I also got fire sleeve and end dip (RTV) on all but 3 of the oil and fuel hoses that are installed. I should be able to finish those 3 tomorrow. I haven’t torqued them down yet not knowing if I will need to pull the engine off one last time. So far I am not seeing any reason. But as soon as I get things nice and tidy, secured, and torqued, that reason will rear its ugly head. More tomorrow.

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