and more Baffling

Good news is that I think I have all the rigid part of the baffling done and mostly secured. There is one hole to drill in each inter cylinder baffle for a piece of safety wire to go through, and a tie rod to put between the fore and aft cylinder barrel wraps on the bottom side. Should be simple. Greg will be here tomorrow, so maybe we will start on baffle seal.


While I was doing that, I also put the new silicone rocker cover seals on.


Oh, and we pulled the wings down from their wall mounting. It will soon be time to finish making actuation parts and rig the rudders. That will be the final flight control to actuate.


Doesn’t sound like a lot for a full day, but I was solo and its amazing how much time locating holes, demurring, dimpling, and riveting nut plates and baffle pieces together can take.

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