Baffle Redoux

There is no way around redoing baffle pieces. So I continued the work Greg and I started yesterday. Though a friend of mine, Jeff, and I FaceTimed today and came up with a method that should make this somewhat easier. 

I’m going to make the baffles in more pieces. Then once we have something that we prove during flight test, I can make a more elegant installation with less pieces. This can happen any time after the airplane is flying.  This will be easier because I will have an existing template to work from. 

So start from the beginning, with a cardboard template. 


Then cut some aluminum. Clearly my favorite medium, and for my favorite airplane parts…


And fit and trim and fit and trim… Much more to fitting to do, but this was as far as I could get today. 


As Weasel told me today, homebuilts take so long to finish because of the cooling off periods… More when I can. 

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