Garaggio Welcomes…

Nate Mullins. Nate is a Long Ez builder who lives in San Antonio and last November got his Long EZ flying. He was able to get his going from acquiring the project to first flight in 3 years. He has done some really neat things to his airplane including developing the installation for the UL Power Engine. He graciously offered to come up and help work on the Garaggio Ez. Here is a picture of his airplane.

He got here yesterday afternoon, and we got right to work. Nate got the linkage from the autopilot servo to the elevators done. He also got the elevator control system rigged and adjusted.


Greg was also here today, and worked more on trimming baffle seal. I helped with both projects as well as did a couple small layups to repair the front seat left arm rest. Ok, off to the Garaggio now to get more done.

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