Productive Day

I should preface today by saying not everything we did yesterday or today is done. There are many details yet to work out. These are in progress photos and many details need to be taken care of. As such, I got a very nice email from an expert builder letting me know about some things he saw that need more attention. For example, yesterday I posted a photo that showed wires that are not restrained near the canard/elevator actuation and some that interfere/rub. This absolutely must be resolved, and will be. If you see something like that drop me a note, we may know about it already, but I appreciate all the eyes keeping me out of trouble. 
Anyway, today it was Nate, Jon, and I in the shop. I’m not going to go into detail on each of the steps, and let the photos do the taking. But we got a lot ‘done’ today… Or more accurately in progress. 

We measured toe in on the main gear and found that the previous builder did a good job, but the left main was slightly off. Since we had to take the axels off to add a brake heat shield, we shimmed the left axel. Nate designed and we made the heat shields. 

We are going to also add some thermotech heat shield above this on the gear leg. So that one actually is pretty much done. 

Jon got the front seat shoulder harnesses mounted. Then cleaned up the roll over structure and mounts and got them primed for painting. 

We did a fiberglass repair on the forward fuselage wall where the latch mounts. 

Then I made the rudder return spring housing and hooks and we bonded them into both the rudder and winglet spars. 

Somewhere in there Nate took off the ailerons to check balance. They need work. I didn’t pay any attention to balance yet. But we will get after that soon. 

Lastly we got a Ez point nut located and floxed in place to finish mounting the rudder pedals and remove the slight slop from the assembly. 

Very productive day. Tomorrow is another one!

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