All flight controls flapping in the breeze

Today was another good day in the Garaggio. The second biggest excitement (The first was that Greg and I got the baffles done, and that was in the previous post) was that Nate and I got the rudders actuated. We still need to get the rudder cables run up to the pedals in the front. But we have cables through the wings to actuate the bell cranks which move the rudders. We have rudder return springs that return the rudders to the closed position, and we have a rudder stop for the closed position. So one of us can be standing at the wing root and yank on the cable and make the rudders move. Kinda cool if you ask me. That means that the last flight control is actuated. I do need to drill and tap a new aluminum piece for the push rod for the rudders. The link is longer than we anticipated, but that is about a  20 minute job now that we know what works. In fact here is a video of it.

In addition to the really exciting things today, Greg and I got the engine mounted both to the engine and fuselage torqued down for what should be the final time. The exciting part about that is that we can now restrain and tie down any hoses and wiring in the engine compartment in anticipation of first engine start.

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