Fluids And Prop

Between Kevin, Greg, and myself we got a lot done today. 

Kevin and I finished up the fuel vent system which required a couple of flex lines and triming the stainless vents that exit under the strake. Nothing much new there. 

 While we were doing that, Greg was reinstalling the rudder pedals and brake master cylinders. Once he was done with that, we filled the system with hydraulic fluid by bleeding the brakes with an oil can. 

Right away we knew there was a problem on the right brake. Fluid was leaking out of the stainless steel flex line hose fitting to the caliper. So we moved on to the left brake and that one went as expected. The pedal feels firm and feels right, but we can see there are a few small air bubbles in the clear part of the line.  (BTW the wires still need to be restrained away from the pedal and master cylinder.)

 No big deal, we will have to run a bit more fluid through the system to push the bubbles out. The only thing is we need to come up with a set of fittings that will allow us to overfill the reservoirs without making a mess. We will see what we can come up with. 

We then went back to the right brake and disassembled the hose fitting at the caliper. We could see some damage to the fitting that I must have done when I initially fabricated the line. We tried a new fitting but that didn’t solve the problem either. Finally we cut 1/4″ of the hose off and used another new fitting and we had the leak fixed. Both brakes now are working. 

Somewhere along in there, Greg and I also finally mounted the OAT probe for the G3X. Just a 3/8 hole and it was mounted. 

We also drained the preservative oil that the engine was shipped with out of the oil sump and cylinders. As we did this we installed an oil quick drain to facilitate future oil changes. 

Then we filled the oil cooler and oil sump with mineral oil. As well as torqued and safety wired the oil filter in place. First oil “change” is now in the books. 

Since we drained all the preservative oil out, we aren’t worried about the oil fouling out the spark plugs, so we also installed the lower plugs and torqued them down. 

Lastly, the biggest piece of visual motivation, we got the prop extension and prop torqued down and safetied. We checked the tracking of the prop and it is dead on. Sure makes it look like more of an airplane. 


One thought on “Fluids And Prop

  1. Good progress!

    A couple of important things: – Safety wire on the prop bolts is unacceptable for flight. There are several mistakes present and it’s hard to describe in email. There are a couple of good tutorials on youtube or find an experienced builder/A&P to show you the proper technique and “rules”. Ok for ground runs only as is.

    – Highly recommend using Bellville washers on the prop before flight. There is too much at risk not to do this. They are not expensive nor hard to install – just a 2-stack is an order of magnitude increase in safety margin. Looks like you even have enough prop bolt for that too. You do not really need the large area washer either if it adds too much thickness. Just put the right ones one, and torque it to spec (clean and paraffin wax threads each time).

    – Put the aft breather line clamp around the welded bracket, and only capture the upper pipe on the forward clamp. You do NOT want to squeeze the two pipes together. They must remain independent.


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