Pump it up

I woke up early (for me) today to go to the UPS sorting facility to pick up my new fuel pump. I had it in hand just before 0900. I also had to stop at the local airport to pick up a couple fittings. Greg beat me to the Garaggio, and when I got home we mounted the pump and fabricated the remaining line we needed. Then it was connecting two wires and we were in business. 

After we fabricated the remaining line, we realized that we should have made it just a touch longer because it currently interferes with the left arm rest. No big deal. That will be a 10 minute job to remake that line adding an inch to each side. 

Since I was running short on time before I had to leave for a work trip, we decided to do a quick fuel flow test and also to pressurize the system. When we turned the fuel pump on the fuel pressure went right up to 27.4 PSI and held. After we turned the pump off it bled down slowly as you would expect. This photo is after about 5 minutes of the pump being off and the system bleeding down. 

Then we did the fuel flow test. We got more than five pounds a minute out of both tanks. That is over 250% of the maximum fuel flow the engine should see and well above the 125% minimum the FAA wants to see. So Greg and I were happy with the results. We ran out of time for the day, but now we are back on track to do an engine start next. 

2 thoughts on “Pump it up

  1. Joe, great to see you get past the momentary hurdle. Also happy to see you went with this fuel pump, as it is the one I plan to use and your installation photos help me! Can’t wait to see that prop turning! – Mike B.

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