Today I was still riding very high on yesterday’s engine runs. It is still very exciting to me that the beast is alive. The last 3-4 weeks we have been working very hard and I haven’t spent much time putting things away in the shop and garage. so I spent about half the day doing that. And still, more needs to be done. But I was to anxious to get back to work on things. 

I started by sanding out the micro on the ailerons. I think they sanded out pretty nice. A few pin holes to fill and we can put some primer on them. Here is one of them in progress. I thought I was done with this contour sanding BS! 🙂

Once they were sanded out, I wanted to mount them back to the wings to see how bad the interference was with my newly enlarged to proper size ailerons.  But before I did that, I wanted to install the Teflon hinge liners and stainless hinge pins. I started with the right side. Boy is that Teflon tubing slick stuff. Makes the hinge actuation smooth and without any slop. The arrangement is actually very easy to install if you follow the guidance of the CSA newsletter. 

Once the right aileron hinges were assembled, I could mount it and see how much material I needed to take off. It turns out to be a lot. 

As you can see, there was quite a bit to remove at the tip, and less at the root. Which matches the modification we needed to do. This photo is misleading because of the angle. It was nearly 3/8″ at the tip and probably 1/4″ at the root. The gap now is to spec. Though there are a few places that got cut a little deep and will need .025 or so of filler. 

But now we have a slight problem because the rudder cable conduit now conflicts. I had to add the rudder cable conduit after the wings were built since I modified my wings for blended winglets, and the best way to do that is through the aileron bay. It would have been out of the way if I would have built the ailerons properly the first time. 

So I spent a lot of time carefully digging out the conduit so as not to damage it. Replacing it would be a much bigger job. Now it is free to be moved along the 2″ section that conflicts. It only needs to move forward about 1/8-1/4″ and with what I have been able to free, I can get that amount of movement. So I will bond it in place, and a 2 BID repair and we should be in business on the right aileron. I don’t know if any of this problem exists on the left, but it is actually a simple repair. In this phot you can see the conflict and the loose conduit. 


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