I owe a catch up blog post

There was a ton of stuff that got done during a period where I didn’t have the time or energy to blog. But here are some photos from about 40 days ago to today to catch up on some details that haven’t gotten recorded. The text will be minimal, but photos can show the majority of what happened. 

12V receptical and seat heater switch mounted.  

Rudder pedal cable spring assemblies fabricated.   
  And installed. 


We got to test the ADSB and have weather…

And traffic.   
  Installed cowling sky bolt fasteners…

  Oil check door latch  
Nose hatch key lock to secure the hatch. 

  Music audio input mounted.   
Pitch trim collar riveted in place to reinforce torque tube. 

  Piano hinge used as method of securing the avionics access hatch.   
Elevator hinges faired to the bottom of the canard and secured with set screw. 

  Rear seat heater switch mounted.   
Roll over structure installed. 

  Canopy latched proximity switch bonded in place. 


Wire bundles were thinned out and secured to provide adequate clearance on moving flight control system.     
Things needing re-priming were reprimed. Sanded. And balance verified. 

  Weight and balance done.   
  We also dropped plumb bobs and verified the location of all aerodynamic surfaces and wheel axels. Everything checked out within tolerances. 

  Aircraft data plate installed.   

I removed baffle to get at the alternator mounting to safety it. Then reinstalled the baffles. It’s actually quick and easy.   
I did a layup of 6 small parts that will become vortilons.   
And we got fire sleeve on the fuel flow transducer. 

Not bad for the last month +. Sorry not much detail and it wasn’t a play by play. But we are getting things done and exciting things are to come! 

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