It’s officially an airplane

Today was one of the big days in building an airplane. Ok… Huge days. We had the DAR (FAA representative) inspection of the airplane. It is one of those days that is the culmination of years of hard work and effort from a pretty long list of people. I have a ton of people to thank, and I promise I will give them their due, but I need time to generate that list and my thoughts. 

Here I am after the inspection receiving our airworthiness certificate. 

And here we are celebrating with Dick Keyt’s famous cookies after the inspector left. 

After we ate our cookies we broke for lunch and then did a high speed taxi test. I wanted to learn a bit about the handling of the airplane. I wanted to learn about the speed at which I can lift the nose off the ground as well as frictional stability and control given I have different rudders and winglets. I am very happy with what I learned and dont see a need for more taxi testing. Here is a video of that. 

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