Beautiful day for flying

I don’t know how we got late fall weather like this, but it has been fantastic. Today was another one of those beautiful days for flying. So I took 14J out and we got two hours of quality time together. We are still working on breaking in the engine, so it is high power, and not too much testing going on right now. But it is all good fun. I was able to get pretty used to the autopilot, and did get some good baseline performance data for cruise. The ADSB and Garmin G3X system came in handy as well. It called out a traffic conflict earlier than I would have seen it, giving me plenty of time to make a heading change to pass behind a Cirrus at the same altitude. I think that the avionics are going to prove their worth.


Oh, and I got to do some sight seeing too. My buddy Michael’s cabin is in the flight test area, so we had to go and orbit the lake a bit.


3 thoughts on “Beautiful day for flying

  1. Joe,

    This is awesome to finally see you in the air! I’ve started building my Long EZ about a year ago and I now know it will be a long process! BTW, those blended winglets look awesome! Something I want to do on my plane. Looking forward to see what baseline performance improvements you maybe getting from them? Also what Lycoming engine are you using?

    1. Jason. Glad to hear you are working on an Ez. Do you have a blog or builder site? Thanks for the compliments. I’m flying with big tires and no wheel pants right now. I have a Lycoming 360. So far I’ve seen 175 kts true at 75% power and 4500 feet MSL. I think we will see some improvement in that. Keep in touch. How far along is your project?

  2. That’s awesome! sounds promising! I just have an open FB page

    I’m thinking O-360 too or something with 180hp… but then I saw the UL is making new engines that are up-to 200 HP and lighter:-) Oh well I have to wait till I’m closer to purchase time… I currently have a partial fuselage (Bathtub… 🙂 and finished the speed break and now working on the rollover assembly:-)

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