CHTs Under Control

Last week I did end up flight testing the temporary cooling air diverter on the inside of the left bottom cowl. After a 45 minute flight at the same power setting, fuel flow, OAT, and altitude, CHT #3 was 40 degrees ferenheit cooler than the day before. That is a substantial improvement. In fact, cylinders 1 & 2 (aft) and 3 & 4 (closest to firewall) are closely matchched to eachother and each pair is about 40 degrees apart. Not too bad for this early in the game. It is possible to get closer, but for right now, I’m very happy with the temps. 

So I went ahead and used the temporary foam and aluminum tape air diverter to make a fiberglass one. 

Then bonded it into the cowl. 


A little clean up, some sanding, and it will be ready for further flying. Unfortunately, the weather here is snowy with little chance of flying tomorrow. Hopefully it clears out and we can get some flying in. 
The Garaggio did have a first tonight… Who would have thunk you could put two vehicles in the 4-car Garaggio?!? Must mean I need another project! 


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