I got a ton done this morning before having to leave for work. Here is the quick and dirty list:

I updated the EFIS software to version 4.0. 

I installed the new electronics module for the right fuel gauge. That was a simple matter of putting a connector on the wires.  I just need to calibrate that box and the EFIS to read proper fuel level. But we know it’s outputting variable voltage which is more than we can say for the last box. 

I then taxied the airplane over to the compass rose and re-swung the compass. Hopefully that will get rid of the magnetic anomaly nuisance message we keep getting. 

Then with the oil hot I did an oil change, replaced the filter, checked the oil suction screen, and added a silicone gasket on the dipstick since the original paper one was leaking. 

At the suggestion of my buddy Todd, I took a sample of the oil as well to send out for analysis. I plan on doing that every oil change. Starting with the first oil change we can see any initial concerns and will then have a constant data stream to see any trends. 

I managed to make one heck of a mess doing this oil change. I will have to work on being tidier next time. This is one of those jobs that is truly simple a cave man can do it. But techniques from experienced folks make it a much cleaner and better job. I have heard of a “draw string garbage bag” technique for minimal mess when removing the filter that I will have to try next time. 

2 thoughts on “Maintenance

  1. When you drain the oil, punch a hole in the top of the filter with a nail. Penetrate the outside and the inside canisters. It will allow all the oil in the filter to drain into the pan overnight and there will be zero mess when you remove it.

    When you do take it off, put a piece of duct tape over the hole so you can transport it over to the vice to cut it open without any drips as well.

    Also, oil analysis is not recommended during break-in. Wait till after switching to regular oil at about 75-100hrs.


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