A cold Garaggio Ez, and lonely Garaggio

Ol Man Winter has arrived in Minneapolis, and I woke up to frigid temperatures this morning, -10 ferenheight. But I need to get some of this flight testing done so I can get the airplane to a warmer location. So when the temp warmed up… 

I went flying. It’s amazing how cold I got when the oat was between -8 and -10. I really need to find a way to keep my feet warm. The airplane flew well. Disregard the trim indications. I am running a tank low to recalibrate the gage. We are over 30 hours of flight time. Getting closer to phase 2!

Oh. And the Garaggio was feeling lonely without an airplane in it. So we moved Greg’s Long Ez in to do some modifications. We are going to find some more speed and efficiency for him through drag reduction. Time for me to help him out for all that he helped me with. 


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