Making good on a promise… Eight years later

Continuing with the good things about being in Phase 2 of the airplane, more rides. I can finally make good on something I started promising eight years ago. Taking my co-builders for rides. Jon got a ride today.

Those of you who have been following the blog know that Jon Myers, a good friend of mine, has been a co-builder on this project since the very first day I started working on it. He has been with me all along. There is a long list of people I need to thank (and I will get to them all), and Jon is one of them. Without his hard work, craftsmanship, and his prodding me along, the airplane would certainly not be what it is today. It surely wouldn’t be flying yet.

Jon – Words cannot express the gratitude I have for not only your help on the project, but your friendship as well. I hope that you felt as much pride on your first ride in our airplane as I did on the first flight. We built a fine airplane.

from camera 058.jpg



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