Catching up on Video Editing

It has taken me a long time to get around to editing some GoPro footage, mostly because I feel like always having the same camera angle in a video doesn’t lend itself well to an exciting video. I think to make the video better I need another GoPro and the cords to connect the intercom to the camera. Never the less, I wanted to edit down and post these videos so that the people who have gone for a ride in Betty have something to remember it by. So bear with me while I get caught up.

First off, here is the edited video of the Flight from Pecan Plantation to Phoenix via Carlsbad, NM. It includes a flyby on my way out of Pecan.

Next, after grandpa got his ride on March, 17, I was able to take my cousin Andrew and my Aunt Jane for a ride. Andrew was a good case study in just how much more room we have and how much more comfortable the back seat is now that we re-designed the roll over structure. Prior to that re-design, he wouldn’t have been able to fit. Now he is the tallest person we have gotten for a ride. I estimate he is 6’4″ or 6’6″.

Here you can see just how much Andrew had to fold himself up to get into the back seat.


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