Day Trip to La Cholla for a good cause

Friend and AirVenture Cup Racer Steve Applebaum hit me up a few weeks ago to go and do a pre-buy inspection on an airplane he was considering buying that was located at La Cholla Airpark near Tucson, AZ. The airplane was the prototype Spezio Tuholer and he needed someone to go take a look to see if it was worth pursuing. Well, that sound like fun all around, and when you can fly there, it is all the better. There was no way I could say no!

My friend Hayden Newhouse, who is a mechanic volunteered to go with me. Hayden has a special link to La Cholla, it turns out he was born there and lived there until 2 at his Grandfather’s house. Strange coincidence, but neat just the same. So after we looked at the Spezio (it turned out to be in need of new wings, and thus we suggested passing on it) we taxied down to his grandpas house and parked Betty in front of the hangar. It turned out to be a good place and lighting for some photos.

Early morning. Pull Betty out and get ready to go.


Hayden and I on our way to La Cholla


On the way down and back we flew Right over PHX Sky Harbor.


The Spezio we went to look at.


Parked in front of Hayden’s Grandpa’s home.


Departure out of La Cholla.


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