Young Eagle Number 1

Betty and I had another on March 26. We took our first Young Eagle for a ride. Young Eagle number one is none other than my niece Hailey Karns. She is a natural pilot and really enjoyed the view of the desert.

To put this in perspective I was a young eagle. Eric Whyte gave me my young eagle ride and he was a young eagle. That means I’m a second generation young eagle giving a young eagle ride in an airplane I built to a third generation young eagle. I think that’s pretty cool. Thanks to all the Young Eagle volunteers, what you do clearly makes an impact!

Betty’s Young Eagle Number 1, Hailey Karns:



Of course, she had to sign Betty’s guest book, and she got to put the number 1 in the Young Eagles column.


Here is the video that I compiled from the GoPro footage of Hailey’s ride. I really love having the GoPro pointed at the passenger. You can really tell from Hailey’s expressions her feelings and reactions during the ride. I think anyone who has met Hailey will feel like they were along for the ride, just by seeing her facial expressions.

I was lucky enough to do this ride in Arizona because this is the time of year where all of my family comes to visit my grandparents. So after Betty flew her number one Young Eagle, she also gave a ride to my sister and brother in law, Jackie and Adam. Here are some photos. I have video from those rides, and will be editing that soon. I am working up to date on the blog. Hopefully soon for that video and the rest of Betty’s exploits thus far.



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