2016 Victory Tour – Mojave Experimental Fly In – Sunday

Sunday was go home day. We woke up, checked out of the hotel and had one last meal at the Voyager Cafe. Then we launched as a two ship back to Phoenix. Again the flight was very enjoyable. Abeam Deer Valley, Ben and I split off from each other and he continued home to Falcon Field, and Craig and I landed at Deer Valley.


Betty got us back to Deer Valley from Mojave in a little over two hours. Craig and I tucked her into the hangar and thanked her for another safe and enjoyable trip. Its amazing what adventure this airplane has already provided me. So many awesome places we’ve already visited, so much awesome scenery we’ve seen, and so many awesome people we have gotten to spend time with and meet.  For those of you still building, keep going, its totally worth it.


Oh and to add an extra serving of icing on the cake. We got to add to our aviation filled weekend with rides in the Swift, Courtesy of Hayden Newhouse.




Plus Betty and I got to take Mark Foster for his first canard ride.


But that’s not all. Mark took me for a ride in his newly acquired Eclipse. Neat little airplane, can’t wait to fly it.



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