Rough River Motivation Episode 3

Today Greg came over to help. We started with working on the induction scoop. I noticed that the screws through the firewall no longer were in alignment. When I bonded the two pieces, the diffuser duct and the aerodynamic cover, I had the screws through the firewall/diffuser and clecos in the cover. Unfortunately, I didContinue reading “Rough River Motivation Episode 3”

Rough River Motivation Episode 2

Today started by releasing the bottom cowl from the top. It took some motivation (force) to do this. I found that composite hardware store shims helped. I used them as flexible wedges to separate the cured carbon fiber from the release tape. Once the cowl was separated, I removed the peel ply. Taking that stuffContinue reading “Rough River Motivation Episode 2”

After Rough River motivation!

Rough River is a great fly in. If you haven’t been, you should go! I had debated with myself if it was a good idea to go, or to stay in the workshop and make progress. The answer, in hindsight, is simple. Absolutely go to Rough River. This was the first time I flew intoContinue reading “After Rough River motivation!”

Ailerons Get Slathered in Micro

Not much to say, but we also sanded and microed the under surface of the ailerons. I had the time to start contouring one of them. There is still some micro to be removed as the ailerons need to be as light as possible. I also need to check balance on them. When I hungContinue reading “Ailerons Get Slathered in Micro”

Bottom of the wings/strake/cowl surfaces contoured, ready for next step

Not much to add here as far as description is concerned. But the bottom surfaces of the wings strake and the cowl horizontal pieces are contoured to shape. I ended up with more pin holes, mouse bites, and rash than I would have liked. I guess that is what the epoxy wipe process is for.Continue reading “Bottom of the wings/strake/cowl surfaces contoured, ready for next step”

What a difference a week makes

Last week at this time, the long Ez looked like this. A week later, today it looks like this. Yesterday I was able to spend about 4 hours sanding. I switched to 80 grit for more finesse and to slow down the micro removal. I know the Cory Bird technique says you only need toContinue reading “What a difference a week makes”

A shout out to the official energy source of the Garaggio

Yesterday actually was mostly spent in the kitchen. The tomato plants were telling me that it was time to harvest, and that meant time to can some spaghetti sauce.this is my 29th canning season, a family tradition. See, as an Italian, it is important to have a regular intake of great grandmas spaghetti and meatballs.Continue reading “A shout out to the official energy source of the Garaggio”

Win some, loose some

Monday Greg came over and I discussed my plans it’s him. My thinking was that it would be nice to get the right wing caught up to the left. Since the left wing at that point was microed and the sanding was pretty ll along, I wanted to get the left wing micro applied. TheContinue reading “Win some, loose some”

A day of work is in the bag, so to speak.

Another day of work is in the bag, literally. Today was spent making a long board sanding spline, and then contouring the lower surface of the wings and strikes. A days worth of contouring, and this is what I have to show for it, half a bag of dust. Incidentally, I was shocked how muchContinue reading “A day of work is in the bag, so to speak.”