A Pitot Tube and other Small Tasks

Since I was derailed from my plans of mounting the cowl (I needs extensive reshaping, see details here), I decided to work on other things while I wait for the prop extension and seek pre-op education for the cowl surgery. Progress has been slow and I don’t have much to show for the last weekContinue reading “A Pitot Tube and other Small Tasks”

Time to mount the cowl.

Today I was planning on getting started working on mounting the cowl. In order to do that, the wings have to be on. So it was time to rearrange the shop yet again and mount the wings. First up is rearrange the workshop to get the fuselage in the proper location for mounting the wings.Continue reading “Time to mount the cowl.”

A start on the Electrical System

Getting the engine mounted was a big step and provided major visual motivation. I had planned an extra day to get it mounted in case I ran into unexpected difficulties. Since the difficulties were minor, and quickly overcome, I decided to work today on a few minor things that were on my list of thingsContinue reading “A start on the Electrical System”

Lycasauraus meet Ez

I made a goal about a month ago to get the engine mounted to the airplane by Christmas. To get that done I pushed really hard to get everything done that would be more difficult with the engine installed. That included finishing the aileron control installation, main landing gear fairing, and gear doors. Today wasContinue reading “Lycasauraus meet Ez”