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Oil Cooler Replacement

I mentioned in the last post that after getting the wheel pants on Betty, the airplane was ALMOST ready to fly. The reason it wasn’t fully ready was during the wheel pant installation I removed the cowl. When I removed the cowl, I found this floating around inside the bottom cowl. When I initially foundContinue reading “Oil Cooler Replacement”

Wheel Pants

A lot has happened over the last few months since my last post, and I didn’t have a lot of time to write about it. I will try to catch the blog up in the next few days. I got quite a ration of crap over the first 6 months of flying Betty. People were alwaysContinue reading “Wheel Pants”

2016 Victory Tour Summary

Victory Tour Summary to Date |  KSGS KOSH KSGS KSLN 0TX1 KCNM KDVT 57AZ KDVT KIWA KDVT KCNO KMHV KDVT  | |  1,995 Nautical Miles  |

2016 Victory Tour – Mojave Experimental Fly In -Saturday

Saturday was the main event for the MEFI. There must have been around 100 airplanes there and 1,000 people. There were all kinds of cool things there. Most of them rare. Elliot Seguin’s twin engine jet powered Quickie, the ARES, White Knight II, an airplane called the Shirocko, and tons of other stuff. Unfortunately, IContinue reading “2016 Victory Tour – Mojave Experimental Fly In -Saturday”

2016 Victory Tour – Visiting the Collings Foundation Bombers

The day before the Mojave Experimental Fly In, I arranged for my friend and fellow AirVenture Cup volunteer, Craig Henry, to join me in Phoenix for the weekend’s events. It just so happened that the Collings Foundation had their bomber collection and the P-51B in Phoenix at the Mesa Gateway Airport. Our friend Jamie, whoContinue reading “2016 Victory Tour – Visiting the Collings Foundation Bombers”


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