I’m Over Finishing Work

VERY. OVER. IT! Putting stuff on parts only to sand most of it back off, rinse and repeat is getting old. Luckily I’m feeling like there is a light at the end of the tunnel. As of today, there are only 2 major components that haven’t seen any primer yet. The canopy and the mainContinue reading “I’m Over Finishing Work”

Ever since they shortened the day to 24 hours

Ever since they shortened the day to 24 hours, I never seem to get as much done as I want to. Or maybe it is just that most tasks in the Garaggio take longer than my optimistic plans. Whatever the reason, I must say that whatever ┬ámotivation I was lacking yesterday, was located and putContinue reading “Ever since they shortened the day to 24 hours”

Here Motivation, here boy, Here Motivation

Today was one of those days in the workshop where I couldn’t seem to locate my motivation. I know it is somewhere out there, but for whatever reason it eluded me the entire time. Never the less I did spend a bit of time out there. The biggest thing I got done was making aContinue reading “Here Motivation, here boy, Here Motivation”