Oil Cooler Replacement

I mentioned in the last post that after getting the wheel pants on Betty, the airplane was ALMOST ready to fly. The reason it wasn’t fully ready was during the wheel pant installation I removed the cowl. When I removed the cowl, I found this floating around inside the bottom cowl. When I initially foundContinue reading “Oil Cooler Replacement”

She’s Alive!

Well, the title pretty much says it all. We were able to get the Lycoming pre-oiling procedure and first engine start in today. Oh, and second, and third. It is getting to be about bed time for me, so I will give some more details another time (probably when I get all the videos edited),Continue reading “She’s Alive!”

Pump it up

I woke up early (for me) today to go to the UPS sorting facility to pick up my new fuel pump. I had it in hand just before 0900. I also had to stop at the local airport to pick up a couple fittings. Greg beat me to the Garaggio, and when I got homeContinue reading “Pump it up”

All dressed up…

Well, today we were planning on doing the first engine start. We set that goal about 3 weeks ago, and Greg, Kevin, and I have been working very hard to make that happen. And we were very close. In fact, if it weren’t for the failure of the electric fuel pump, we would have ran theContinue reading “All dressed up…”

Ignitions, Wire Routing, etc

The blog post is going to be quick tonight so I can get to bed. Today I started by verifying the spark plug connections on the ignitions. While doing that I decided that I wanted to swap one of the shorter and longer wires to allow for better routing. That turned into completely re-running all ofContinue reading “Ignitions, Wire Routing, etc”

Slow Day, education, and more Fluid

Today started out very slow. I spent time learning about timing the ignition to the engine. The Lycoming manuals are not very descriptive because they are intended to cover a lot of different engines and accessories. To add to that, my combination of engine, ignition, injection, propeller, starter, etc, etc, etc is not something for which LycomingContinue reading “Slow Day, education, and more Fluid”

Air, spark, and starter 

Greg and I are continuing working on engine stuff. There is a relatively long task list. But we actually checked quite a few things off today.  Greg spent a lot of time working on the air induction system. He got the alternate air door/filter mount fit to the firewall and drilled to match the mounting.Continue reading “Air, spark, and starter “

As usual

Set backs seem like the usual in airplane projects, and yesterday was a day of setbacks. Greg, Nate, and I each were working on things that are going to require repair, rework, and more fiddling. Greg and I were working on the baffle seal. We are trying to get the baffle seal material to layContinue reading “As usual”


I have been really really slacking on keeping this blog up to date. Not enough time in the day lately. So it is going to be mostly a picture update. Since the last post Kevin, Greg, and I have been working on finishing the baffles. What a pain. I am going to be very gladContinue reading “Baffles”